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Women Of Purpose

Feeling Tired, stress, overwhelmed, not sure what to do...?

 December 2, 2023  9:00am - 3:00pm

Gaits of Hope Women's Workshop will provide you with the tools and steps necessary to find your true purpose and passion with inner joy. Come join in the unique workshop where we utilize the characteristics of horses, who respond to our emotions and body language to bring about clarity and insights. This is a life changing approach to finding your authenticity and true purpose.

Let us help you move from chaos into clarity, find your purpose and feel an inner peace and value.


Please Contact Jodine for the most up-to-date sessions

Contact: Jodine at / 320-260-6755 / 2761 125th Street NE Rice, MN 56367

*Please let me know of any special dietary concerns

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