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Our Clients Say

Quintin loves going to Horse Therapy. I can't even describe how much these services have helped us grow as a family. Thank you for Everything! 

Royalton High School

On May 31 st Vicki Blomme’s Class from Royalton High School visited the Gaits of Hope Equine
Therapy Center at Sandy Knoll Farm near Rice. Equine Therapy utilizes horses to promote
wellness to a wide array of people with extra needs such as Soldiers returning from combat,
those with Autism Spectrum Disorders, victims of violence and abuse, depression and anxiety,
attachment disorders, learning disabilities, addictions and numerous other emotional, physical
and behavioral issues. Equine Assisted Therapy has been recognized as an important area in the
medical field in many countries and as it proves effective, it is gaining acceptance and
popularity in the U.S.


Veteran's Equine Therapy Clinic

This mornings Veteran’s Equine Therapy clinic. Gaits of Hope Equine Assisted Therapy & Learning

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